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This is your dungeon. It is always available via this link and updates for everyone you've shared it with in real time. Make sure to bookmark the link or remember the name because there's no other way to access your dungeon. It will be deleted automatically after 30 days of inactivity.

Edit dungeon participants by clicking on the underlined text. Press Enter to save your changes or click away to cancel.

The color picker updates participants' token colors on the map. To see and edit many more stats, click the button; to delete the participant, click .


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Stat tracker

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Add a participant

Generate a monster

This tool will roll up a new monster from the D&D 5e SRD and add it to the dungeon.

Roll dice

Accepts all standard and a number of rarer dice codes. Click to show documentation.

Accepted formats:

  • d6 or 1d6 (A 6 sided die)
  • 2d6 (Two 6 sided dice)
  • 1d6+4 (Roll a 6 sided dice and add 4 to the result)
  • 2d10*4+1d20 (Roll two 10 sided dice multiply by four, and roll one 20 sided die)
  • 2d10+4+2d20-L (Roll two 10 sided dice add four, and roll two 20 sided die, taking away the lowest of the two)
  • d% (A percentile die - equivalent to d100)
  • dF or dF.2 (A standard fudge dice - 2 thirds of each symbol)
  • dF.1 (A non-standard fudge dice - 1 positive, 1 negative, 4 blank)
  • 2d6! (Exploding dice - two 6 sided die, rolling again for each roll of the maximum value)
  • 2d6!! (Exploding & compounding dice - like exploding, but adding together into single roll)
  • 2d6!p (Penetrating dice - like exploding, but subtract 1 from each consecutive roll)
  • 2d6!!p (Penetrating & compounding dice - like exploding & compounding, but subtract 1 from each consecutive roll)
  • 2d6!>=4 (Exploding dice, but only if you roll a 4 or greater - Also usable with compounding and penetrating dice)
  • 2d6>4 (Dice pool - anything greater than a 4 is a success. Count the number of successes as the total)

The following arithmetic operators can be used: +, -, *, /

The following comparative operators can be used for compare points: =, <, >, <=, >=, !=

Documentation text from RPG Die Roller.

Roll some dice!

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